Peptide powder

Oyster oligopeptides

Produce name: Oyster oligopeptides
Molecular weight: <1000Da
Features: instant, no bitterness, fishy taste, good taste

    Oyster contains a large amount of liver glycogen, which can improve liver recovery function, taurine, which can
promote bile secretion, DHA, EPA, and brain strengthening and brain-strengthening effect. Besides, it also
contains essential arginine and trace element zinc for sperm production.The 1000Da oligopeptide can be
absorbed directly in the skin pores and intestines.

    Anti-tumor effect, enhance male function, prevent shy vascular disease, enhance immunity, hypoglycemic effect.

Qualification certification:
    SGS, an international third-party testing agency, has passed the whole inspection of agricultural residues, drug
residues and heavy metals, excluding antibiotics and other drug residues and excluding heavy metals. The
production process has passed the international quality system certification, with organic raw materials and
organic production process.

    The small peptide of 1000Da was separated -- low temperature spray was used to preserve the activity more
completely (preventing high temperature from damaging the active ingredients) -- heavy metal ions were removed
to ensure the safety of the product.(no addition in the production process)

Scope of application:
    Suitable for health food, cosmetics, sports drinks, medical food, nutrition drinks, etc.Applicable population:Men
with dysfunction.